Organic Black Quinoa

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organic black quinoa bulk Organic Black Quinoa

Organic Black Quinoa


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  • Organic Black Quinoa has a delicious bold flavor and it is the best substitute for rice. With its high fiber and iron, it can be prepared and mixed with pastas, other grains, and even salad. The texture is slightly thicker than the white and red quinoa.

    Bulk Organic Black Quinoa: Healthy And Delicious

    Quinoa has always been a favorite when it comes to eating healthy. Did you know that there is such a thing as black quinoa? Yes, there is. This particular type of quinoa adds to the somewhat crunchy earthy flavor we all know and love when eating white quinoa with a slightly sweeter taste.

    Nutritional Value of Organic Black Quinoa

    As with all types of quinoa, they are easy to digest since they are gluten-free. Quinoa also packs several vital nutrients. To name a few, it contains copper, folate, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and more. Consuming a cup or about 185 grams will provide 222 calories, 39 grams of carbs, 8 grams, 5 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of fat.

    Health Benefits of Organic Black Quinoa

    Eating quinoa provides a wide range of health benefits. It promotes metabolic health, can aid in controlling blood sugar levels in the body, and it can aid in losing weight. These are in addition to the benefits that quinoa naturally provides through its nutrients.

    How To Cook Organic Black Quinoa

    Cooking this type of quinoa is similar to cooking white quinoa in that you would rinse before boiling it in a pot of water over medium heat. Then, let it simmer until the water is fully absorbed. The ratio of quinoa to water is 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups of water. This yields 3 cups of cooked quinoa.

    Tips: Choosing in Bulk

    Now that you have learned about all the benefits that quinoa can provide, you are likely wanting to buy them in bulk. When you do, purchase these certified organic and non-GMO black quinoa to ensure you use the very best-tasting natural quinoa for your next meal.

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    Ingredients: Organic Black Quinoa
    Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
    Region: The Cordillera Blanca
    Country of Origin: Peru