Where we started...

Our family owned company was founded in 1989, with a coffee roastery store. We specialized in products such as; coffees, nuts, Mediterranean grains and cereals. Due to our authentic products, great prices and growing customers, we expanded our products to sell at the main supermarkets.  

Keeping up with today's market trends and nutrition, our packaging has slightly changed. Yet, our products are still the same great natural quality!

Key date

In Sept 1997, we chose to make our products certified organic and Non GMO. We expanded our products to over 500 different organic and Non GMO foods to include; organic grains, organic cereals, organic flours and organic dried fruits. Our goal is to deliver the best quality of products and to have our consumers enjoy a healthy meal or snack.

Where we are now?

As a third generation business owner, we want to continue with the same value of delivering great products and at the same time evolve with modern trends. So, in 2007, we created a website to sell our organic cereals, grains, and dried fruit. Now, we are offering the customers the choice of selecting their own quantity!

Our value

At Bulkeez.com, we love what we do and we love healthy ingredients. We have grown to become a large team of passionate about healthy food and ingredients.

From all of us at Bulkeez, we wish you an enjoyable stay in our website!