Organic Chestnut Flakes

  • Organic Chestnut Flakes

Organic Chestnut Flakes


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  • Organic Chestnut Flakes: So tasty and healthy

    Chestnut Flakes certified Organic are rich in fiber and naturally gluten free. You can use them for breakfast and in your favorite cooking recipes. Even sprinkled on top of everything it is delicious! Chestnut Flakes provide an authentic chestnut flavor with some sweetness.

    What are Organic Chestnut Flakes?

    The chestnut flakes are made by removing the chestnuts shell. The chestnuts are then sliced and broken into flakes. After that, the chestnut flakes are steamed cooked. The last step is to toast the chestnut flakes to bring out the crunchiness.

    And Voila! You now have a great Organic Chestnut Flake.

    How to use Organic Chesnut Flakes

    You can consume the chestnut flakes any time of the day or in your baking and cooking recipes. You can add the chestnut flakes to your oat meals, yogurts, and bread recipes. They compliment any meal.

    Are the Organic Chesnut Flakes Healthy?

    Chestnut Flakes are not only healthy but tasty! If you like the taste of the chestnut then you will love the chestnut flakes. Its naturally gluten free, high in fiber, potassium, magnesium calcium and iron.

    Where our Organic  Chestnut Flakes com from?

    France is where our chestnut flakes come from. Known for their quality of chestnuts. The specific region is in Ardeche in the south of France. This is where a fossiled chetsnut tree leaf was found and dated back to 8.5 million years ago. Wahoo!