Organic Paprika Powder

  • Organic Paprika powder in bulk
Organic Paprika powder in bulk Organic Paprika Powder

Organic Paprika Powder


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  • Organic Paprika Powder: A great flavor to your next recipe

    Our Organic Paprika adds a characteristic smokey depth to any stew or casserole. Its warm, aromatic qualities and colour are sure to liven up such a wide range of dishes so you’re sure to find it useful for a lot of meals. The peppers we use are gently dried and grounded into powder. Our Peppers are a rich source of nutrition so this dried powder boasts a wide range of nutrients in high levels, particularly B vitamins. They also add warmth without being as spicy like cayenne and chilli powders

    Product Highlights: Organic Paprika Powder

    ✓ 100% Organic

    ✓ Deep and vibrant color and flavor.

    ✓ No added flavor enhancers

    ✓ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals. 

    Organic Paprika Powder: A must have for meals

    Great tasting foods need great spices, this organic paprika powder is Perfect in stews, risottos, meat dishes and roasted aubergines. Are you Tired of the same old potato recipe? Another great way of using our organic paprika powder is adding it on potatoes before roasting them! Delicious!

    Why our Organic Paprika Powder?

    Our Organic pepper are grown within standards of organic farming which means we have practices that are great for the environment including the cycling of resources, promotion of  ecological balance, and conservation of  biodiversity.

    How to preserve Organic Paprika Powder

    • Store in an airtight container or Bulkeez Resealable bag
    • Store in at room temperature
    • Store away from direct heat or sunlight.


    Ingredients: Organic Paprika