Organic Bay Leaves

  • Organic bay leaves in bulk
Organic bay leaves in bulk Organic Bay Leaves

Organic Bay Leaves


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  • How to use the organic bay leaves

    Looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your tomato sauce? Want to punch up your turkey chili or risotto? Organic bay leaves are perfect for use in slow-cooked dishes, including hearty vegetable soups, tomato-based sauces, and rich beef stews. The dried leaves provide a mildly pungent taste and will fill your kitchen with their special bittersweet aroma.

    When you use these leaves, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Slow simmering gives the dried leaves sufficient time to release their unique flavor. Whether you're craving a thick soup or a light marinade for fish or poultry, the slow cooking process brings out the leaves' distinctive flavor.

    Enjoy the health benefits of steaming? These pungent leaves aren't only for slow cooking. Their subtle taste can also enhance your favorite steamed dishes. Just add a few leaves to your fresh fish fillet, cut vegetables, or chicken cutlets before placing them in your steamer. Or, add a few leaves to the pot before you cook up your next batch of rice.

    Additional note about the bay leaves

    Whether you use these organic leaves for classic American cooking or for Indian, Pakistani, or Mediterranean dishes, be sure to remove the leaves before eating. Eating the leaves themselves can cause digestive issues.

    Keep a bulk supply of aromatic bay leaves in your kitchen cabinet. Use the leaves for everyday dishes and celebratory meals, letting the unique taste and aroma permeate your kitchen.

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    Ingredients: Organic Bay Leaves
    Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
    Drying method: Naturally dried - Sun Dried
    Country of Origin: France