The Benfits of Eating Crystallized Ginger

The Tasty Health Wonders of Organic Crystallized Ginger

Crystallized ginger is a natural product. You can find it in most stores. To help you decide if you would like to try it, the following questions and answers are provided.

What Is Organic Crystallized Ginger?

First and foremost, organic means that this root spice is grown without pesticides or chemicals. It is pure and free of anything harmful, adding to the health benefits of these products. Crystallized means that after the ginger is sliced, then boiled or steamed until soft, it is rolled or shaken in a crystal sugar coating. The sugar absorbs some of the flavors of the spice and crystallizes into harder bigger crystals as the sugar attaches firmly to the slices of the spice. It is both sweet with a hint of spiciness and is reminiscent of a bit of pie or pie crust.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Organic Crystallized Ginger?

There are a lot of health benefits. At one time it was a standard dried good stored on most ships for sailors who got seasick. Eating some of the sweetened root slices eased seasickness and helped restore a healthy appetite. If you find that you are frequently nauseous due to motion sickness on land or sea, or have morning sickness due to pregnancy, chew some of this treat. You will feel better in no time.

It helps regulate blood sugar and prevent spikes in diabetics, too. A small amount of this treat daily has shown to keep blood sugar levels on an even keel, an easier substitute for insulin shots and pills. If your diabetes isn't too severe or severe enough for medications, you may be able to resort to four ounces of this spice candy daily in your efforts to control insulin and blood sugar levels.

A couple ounces chewed and swallowed daily will, over time, decrease the buildup of lactic acid in sore exercised muscles. It is not immediately effective like pain medications, but it does help when eaten consistently. If you are looking for an all natural means of controlling post-exercise muscle pain, eat this root candy.

It can also help control heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, and help with osteoarthritis. Many of the natural chemical compounds in this root have been used for centuries as a natural medicine for these ailments. It has some proof that it does work, especially where inflammation, pain, swelling, and discomfort are concerned.

Perhaps most importantly, especially during today's pandemic issue, ginger-root boosts the immune system and fights infection. Consuming some daily can help ward off a number of health problems. Since it is crystallized and dipped in sugar, it is palatable to even the pickiest of eaters.
Organic Crystalized Ginger

How Do You "Use" Organic Crystallized Ginger?

Really, all you have to do is eat a little bit of it each day. A few small pieces chewed on once a day or throughout the day if you like to spread it out is sufficient. Four ounces or less is the recommended amount, which is about a quarter to a half cup. As you become accustomed to the taste (or you actually like how it tastes!), that much won't seem like quite a lot. Yet, it's all you really need to consume to get the maximum daily benefits.

What is the Difference Between Organic and Conventional Crystallized Ginger-Root?

Organic, as explained above, is growing the root spice in clean, pure soil without chemical treatments of any kind. It is not grown with any special fertilizers to increase the size or flavor of the product. The sugar is also organic so that all of the benefits of this product remain intact and effective as expected.

Conventional crystallized ginger-root may be grown with all sorts of fertilizers, pesticides, etc., and produce an odd-tasting treat that could be more harmful than beneficial to your health. Likewise, the sugar used could also be grown in a like manner. Since this root spice has certain properties that can reverse the growth of cancer cells, the last thing you want to do is reverse that by consuming a treat that has been exposed at some point to chemicals that could cause cancer!

Where Can You Buy This Delicious Treat?

Health food stores and natural/organic food stores sell it. Holistic health and supplement stores also carry it. It is often sold in bulk, ready for you to bag from a dispenser, although there are some health supplement stores that sell ginger-chews in a bottle. A pound of bulk ginger-candy will last a few days.

If you buy the chews in bottles, just make sure you read the ingredients label clearly to spot any potentially problematic ingredients. It should only list pure cane organic sugar and pure organic ginger-root as the ingredients. If there are any names of ingredients you can't identify or pronounce, it's not organic and you should buy it from somewhere else.

You can also buy it online, pre-bagged, and from candy makers near you. Candy makers may not be able to guarantee that it's organic, but they will use as few ingredients as possible to make this treat. Ask a candy maker if they only buy all-organic ingredients if you want to know if they use the purest goods for candy making. Candy makers most often make this treat in the fall and around Christmas time when it is commonly used for baking and popular as a traditional treat.

How Much Should I Buy If I Want to Eat Some Daily for Health Reasons?

The calculation for this is pretty simple. Assuming that you are willing to consume four ounces a day, that's forty ounces after ten days, eighty ounces after twenty days, and one-hundred twenty ounces for thirty days. If you need a number in pounds, it's two and a half pounds week, times four weeks, for roughly ten pounds per month. You should start noticing a change in pain, inflammation, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and other symptoms or health problems within two weeks of daily consumption at the recommended amount.

Where to buy Organic Crystallized Ginger?

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