Organic Crystallized Ginger

  • Organic Crystallized Ginger in bulk

Organic Crystallized Ginger


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  • Organic Crystallized Ginger Healthy Snack

    Lots of sites and magazines are talking about healthy snacks - what you should have and what you should steer clear of. Many go the route of raw carrots, broccoli, or even a low calorie tortilla chip with hummus. Some will say to just cut out snacking altogether. Neither of these options will help you when your sweet tooth whispers soft nothings in your ear about chocolate and peanut butter, or coconut ice cream. Times like these call for an organic ginger snack! It can be an addition to something else you already enjoy, or a treat on its own. Crystallized ginger is a shelf-stable, healthy food that you should consider for your weight-loss diet, or just your general health.

    Taste and How to Utilize Organic Crystallized Ginger

    Organic Crystallized Ginger has a distinct taste - ginger can be very spicy for some people, but this crystallized form of it is somewhat offset by the cooking its gone through and the sugar coating. It often comes in thin slices, perfect to take with you for on-the-go snacking - easily shareable, but easily hidden from jealous friends.
    Many people love having this as a snack during the work day or with their breakfast, but some prefer it mixed with other things. Some ideas for dicing it and tossing it in other things could be: mixing it in with cookie dough for an explosion of flavor in an otherwise normal treat, baking it with your homemade dessert breads, tossing it over oatmeal to make an electric breakfast, sprinkling it into a fruit salad, or adding it to a cranberry or other fruit sauce for a zesty alternative to routine! Other ways people use it include adding it to fried rice dishes with assorted meats, using it to season carrots or other roasted vegetables, making syrups to add to anything from desserts to drinks like cocktails and iced tea, frying it up with onions or other aromatics, and making homemade fruit fillings for pies, dumplings, or anything else you can think of! Anything that regular ginger sounds appealing in, Organic Crystallized Ginger can be used in as well for a slightly more tangy flavor that cuts the spice of its raw form.

    Massive Health Benefits of the Organic Ginger

    Crystallized Ginger has been used as an alternative medicine to reduce nausea, stress, and insomnia. The Western world has since adopted it, declaring it to boost immune system health and act as an anti-inflammatory. It's high in iron, which helps your energy level, focus, and blood flow. Anyone who's tried and failed a weight loss diet can attest to feeling drowsy and distant - and this candied ginger solves that issue, waking you up and getting you ready for your daily tasks.

    In Conclusion: Organic Crystallized Ginger is the way to go

    Crystallized Ginger Bulk snacks are massively useful to people across the globe. From its health benefits in Eastern and Western medicine, to its shelf stability and easy of use, its incredible taste is an invaluable asset to dieting and active crowds everywhere. Take a look into some recipes yourself - there's bound to be an idea or two that sound appealing. The first time you try an organic ginger snack won't be your last!

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    Ingredients: Organic Ginger, Organic Cane Sugar
    Storage: Cool, Dry Place
    Country of Origin: China


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