What Is Chestnut Flour?

What is Chestnut Flour?

We all love experimenting with new ingredients and exploring different dishes to make in our kitchen. Flour has been the main ingredient if you are cooking or baking things from scratch. Today, there are different types of flour to choose from based on your preference.

One powder that has sparked interest is chestnut flour. This type of flour can be used for many dishes and has many health benefits to the human body.

Here are a few facts and answers to questions you may have about this special flour.


Is Chestnut Flour Good for You?


Chestnut flour is a unique type of starch that is often overlooked. This type of flour has many ingredients that improve our body's health. Some elements in the flour contain high proteins with essential amino acids, low fat, and dietary fiber. All three ingredients help our bodies by giving us what other flours lack in. Besides those three ingredients, the flour also contains vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin B, as well as potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous.


What Are the Benefits of Chestnut Flour?


Besides all the unique ingredients in this flour, there are more benefits to helping the body function and feel better. One advantage is that this flour is gluten-free friendly. A gluten-free diet has become overly favored throughout the years and finding gluten-free products can be hard to find, especially the ones that taste good. The ingredients in this flour can give the body energy as well. For example, the ingredient phosphorus helps the body use carbohydrates and fats. To learn more about this ingredient and benefit, please Read Here. Lastly, all ingredients listed above support the body overall by adding more vitamins to your body if you don't take supplements daily already.


Is Chestnut Flour Vegan? 

Since the ingredients are only chestnuts, it is, in fact, vegan. Although, there are many ways to make the flour depending on what recipe you follow. Veganism is a diet explicitly focusing on not eating any type of animal meat, dairy products, or seafood. Any kind of nut is exceptional to a vegan diet since it is a natural plant-based item. Therefore, if you are considering making this type of flour, make sure you are using chestnuts strictly with no other ingredient added unless using a vegan product.


Is Chestnut Flour Gluten Free?

Yes Chestnut Flour is concidered Gluten free. There are so many options of flour to use out there in the world, but this flour will always be one of the healthier options, especially for vegan and gluten-free dieters.

How to Use Chestnut Flour

Whether you are a baker or cook, flour can be used in many recipes. In Italian culture, this type of flour has been around for centuries. Italians have used this flour to bake and cook a few things such as gnocchi, pasta, and baked goods. Baked goods are more popular than cooking dishes due to the sugar it can contain if added. Even though this flour is mostly popular in the Italian cuisines, you can substitute this flour for any other flour such as an all-purpose flour if you are deciding to switch to a healthier alternative.


How to Store Chesnut Flour


Storing your flour is a little different from regular white flour. Unlike white flour that can be stored for a year in the cupboard, this flour can only be stored for two months in a room temperature cupboard, or if frozen, it can be stored for six months. Taking care of your flour is essential in keeping it tasting the best before it goes bad. Since this flour is more high maintenance, you want to keep track of when you buy it, so it does not expire before you get to use it.

Is Chestnut Flour Organic?

Depending on how the chestnuts are raised, this flour can be organic. When grocery shopping for chestnuts, make sure the packaging mentions it is before purchasing. Some farmers will add certain artificial flavors or preservatives to keep the food from spoilage while in the market. Going organic can also be beneficial to your own body due to it not having any chemicals added that you are unaware of. You want to give your body the best ingredients possible to keep a healthy life.


Making Your Own Chesnut Flour from Scratch


If you rather make your own flour, making this flour is easy. The first step you want to do is place an X on the flat side of the chestnut. Putting an X allows the chestnut to release steam, so they do not explode in the oven. Once all chestnuts are prepped, set the oven to 400 degrees, and bake them for 25 minutes. After they have cooled off from roasting, remove all shells if they have not come off in the oven already. Now, you should be ready to start dehydrating them. Dehydrate the nuts faster, cut them in half, and place them on the sheet you were using to roast them. Drying out the chestnuts can be done in the oven set at the lowest degree possible. The way you know the chestnuts are finished, you can place your fingers on the nut, and try breaking it, if they do not break, they are done. Finally, use a food processor or any blender of your choice to blend the nuts until they turn into flour. When you are done blending them, scoop all the flour into a bag or container and store appropriately.


Flour is mostly in everything we eat, whether it be baked goods or favorite comfort food such as pizza. Switching to a healthier alternative flour will not only be great for your body, but it will be great for your mind. Healthier decisions can help you mentally by making you feel good about your body and giving you that confidence you deserve. It can help you advance your baking and cooking skills by motivating you to make items from scratch. Making this flour is relatively easy and takes little to no time at all. By making it yourself, you can make sure that it is vegan by knowing everything that is in it. You can make everything with this kind of flour as if you were to use regular white flour.


Where to buy Chestnut Flour

High quality chestnut flour is not easy to find. Without surprise we can recommend you our high quality organic chestnut flour  and our brand Bulkeez is also available at Whole foods and Target.



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