• Organic anise star powder in bulk
Organic anise star powder in bulk ORGANIC ANISE STAR POWDER



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  • The Organic Anise Star powder is stronger than the whole anise star. It's also easier to apply in your dishes. You can use the anise star powder for infusion, stews and some baking recipes. Its full of good nutriments and give a fresh taste and special touch to your favorite recipes.

    Our Organic Anise Star powder is 100% natural without the use of any chemicals.  


    2 Delicious Ways To Use Organic Anise Star Powder

    You have probably heard about all the powerful medicinal benefits that star anise or anise star provides when consuming it. You are now perhaps looking for other ways to use this particular beneficial spice. Here are 2 delicious ways you can use anise star powder.


    If you are looking to add a healthy and flavorful ingredient to your next beverage, then using star anise in powdered form offers your next delightful drink recipe the best of both worlds. You can combine the powder with simple syrup to add a burst of sweet licorice flavor to your drink. You can also use it as a topping or garnish such as in Thai iced tea, spicy apple cider, mulled wine, and other comforting beverages.

    Sauces, Stews, and Soups

    Grounded star anise can also be used to strengthen the taste and aroma of sauces, stews, and soups. Using grounded star anise will entice you to keep eating your favorite dish while benefiting from its medicinal properties.

    Organically Exotic Anise Star Powder in Bulk

    Now that you know a few ways to use grounded star anise, you are probably wanting to buy anise star powder in bulk. When you do, purchase this certified organic and non GMO anise star to ensure you are using the best exotic-tasting spice for your next recipe.

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    Ingredients: Organic Anise Star Powder
    Storage: Room Temperature Dry Place
    Country of Origin: Vietnam
    Freshly Grounded