Organic Alfalfa Powder

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Organic Alfalfa Powder


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  • Organic Alfalfa Powder: A Powerful Legume That Provides a Wealth of Health Benefits

    If you say alfalfa super fast you will begin to utter fafafa, and when you do, this legume will quickly become your absolute fafafavorite food to consume as it provides a wealth of health benefits. Alfalfa, also known as lucerne, is said to have first been cultivated in ancient Iran but is now a staple ingredient that is grown in many countries and used in many dishes.

    Health Benefits of Organic Alfalfa Powder

    Adding alfalfa to your diet can lower cholesterol levels while improving metabolic health. It may also help relieve menopausal symptoms. Also, consuming alfalfa can help combat oxidative damage and inflammation as it provides powerful antioxidant effects.

    Nutritional Value of Organic Alfalfa Powder

    This perennial flowering plant provides your body with a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K. In addition, alfalfa also contains copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and many more. A single cup or about 33 grams can provide 8 calories, 1 gram of protein, 1 gram of carbohydrates, and .6 grams of fiber.

    How to Use Organic Alfalfa Powder

    You can make tea using alfalfa powder, providing you a therapeutic way to start adding it to your diet, or mix the powder with fruit or vegetable juice for a healthy cocktail. You can also add it to your recipes, whether sweet or savory.

    Start Living an Organic and Healthy Lifestyle

    Now that you have just found out about all the benefits consuming alfalfa powder can provide, you are now wanting to acquire organic alfalfa powder in bulk. When you do, make sure to buy this certified organic and Non GMO organic alfalfa powder today so you can start living an organic and healthy lifestyle.