Organic Cane Sugar

  • Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Cane Sugar


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  • Organic Cane Sugar: Perfect for your drinks and baking

    Do you like your coffee sweet? Have a weakness for fresh, home-baked brownies? What about sweet-and-sour meatballs? If you have a sweet tooth, a bulk supply of organic cane sugar is a must-have for your kitchen pantry.

    Organic cane sugar is the result of a fascinating and time-consuming process that starts in the field. Farmers kickstart the process by cutting sugar cane, a stalky plant that can reach 20 feet in height, and sending the harvested cane to a mill. At the mill, the cane is washed thoroughly, shredded, and crushed by a heavy roller. A separator then extracts juice from the cane fibers, and the fibers are used as fuel for the evaporator, which transforms the cane juice into a syrup. Once it thickens, the syrup cools and crystallizes. Massive centrifuges are used to squeeze out any remaining liquid, and the dry sugar crystals are sent to a granulator and then sifted.

    That's quite a journey, and what's the happy result? Pure, high-quality sugar that is free of impurities and ready for use in your kitchen.

    Here's a sweet deal: When stored properly in a cool, dry environment, granulated sugar from cane has an indefinite shelf life. So, yes, it makes good sense to keep a bulk supply on hand. For best results, choose a container that is opaque, airtight, and protective against moisture and odors. Use generously for cookies and cakes, jams and jellies, sauces, marinades, and more.

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    Ingredients: Organic Cane Suagr
    Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
    Country of Origin: Brazil