Organic Caraway Powder

  • Organic Caraway powder
Organic Caraway powder Organic Caraway Powder

Organic Caraway Powder


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  • What is the Organic Caraway Powder

    Caraway powder has made a name for itself across the globe. From Hungarian goulash to Irish soda bread, this versatile spice imparts a unique and distinctive flavor to a variety of classic dishes. Caraway is at once warm and earthy, boasting bittersweet and nutty overtones. It works well alone and in combination with other pungent flavors.

    The caraway plant is a biennial. It produces fine, feathery leaves and delicate clusters of white or pink-white flowers. The crescent-shaped caraway fruits, often referred to as "seeds," are typically brown with white ridges. You've likely seen those flavorful and distinctly aromatic fruits nestled comfortably in your rye bread or sprinkled on sweet or salty scones.

    How to use the caraway powder

    Finely ground caraway powder has earned its own place in the world of food. It is a key ingredient in many classic bread recipes, but you'll find caraway featured in soups, casseroles, and desserts, as well. Add this pungent spice to sauerkraut or coleslaw, or sprinkle it generously on chunks of cheese at your next wine-and-cheese party. Ground caraway blends beautifully with other aromatic spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. The next time you prepare hot spiced apples or pears, toss in a bit of this wonder spice for extra bite.

    Organic caraway can add new life to your old recipes. Keep a bulk supply on hand, and choose to be bold. From cabbage and potatoes to kielbasa, this fabulous spice will revolutionize your cooking.

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    Ingredients: Organic Caraway Powder
    Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
    Country of Origin: Egypt