Organic Dried Chives

  • Organic Dried Chives

Organic Dried Chives


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  • Organic Dried Chives: A Member Of The Onion Family That Is Used As An Herb

    When we hear the word chives, we may automatically think about eating a baked potato or indulging on our favorite casserole dish. Chive is a vegetable that is closely related to garlic and leeks. They are part of the onion family but are different from other onions such as scallions. Chives are used as an herb while other onions are typically found in the produce section. Chives have a subtle and delicate flavor, which is why they are often added as a topping or used towards the end when cooking a dish.

    Health Benefits of Organic Dried Chives

    Eating chives can help improve sleep and mood as it contains choline. It also promotes bone health, eye health, and may alleviate symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia.

    Nutritional Value of Organic Dried Chives

    Not just for added flavor, chives actually provide several essential nutrients. To name a few, chives contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, choline, folate, and more. One tablespoon or about 3 grams of chives can provide .9 calories, 6.43 micrograms of vitamin A, 1.74 milligrams of vitamin C, 6.38 micrograms of vitamin K, 3.15 micrograms of folate, 2.76 milligrams of calcium, and 8.88 milligrams of potassium.

    Organically Delicious Dried Chives

    With all the benefits that eating chives can provide, it is no wonder why everyone wants to buy organic dried chives in bulk. You can use the highest quality ingredient for your next meal. Having the chives dried is very convenient for any cooking recipes and healthy as well!

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    Ingredients: Organic Dried Chives
    Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
    Drying Method: Naturally Dried
    Form: Flakes Leaves
    Country of Origin: France