Organic Dried Hibiscus Flower

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Organic Dried Hibiscus Flower


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  • Organic Dried Hibiscus Flower: An Extremely Healthy, Flavorful, and Aromatic Ingredient

    When someone mentions the word hibiscus, you might begin to drift into a wonderful dream, and with good reason. This supremely aromatic and flavorful flower will sweep you to an exotic location without ever leaving the comforts of your home. Dried hibiscus flower is a highly sought-after ingredient used in countless recipes to not only add flavor to dishes and beverages but offers several health benefits as well.

    Health Benefits of Organic Hibiscus Flower

    Since this delicious flower is naturally caffeine and calorie-free, you can consume as much as you like without feeling guilty from indulging. To add, consuming this flower can help prevent damage to your cells from built-up radicals in the body as it contains several powerful antioxidants. It may also help lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss while supporting and boosting liver health.

    Nutritional Value of Organic Hibiscus Flower

    Dried hibiscus flower contains several key nutrients and is a great source of vitamin C. It also contains calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and others. A serving size of 100 grams will provide seven grams of carbs, three milligrams of sodium, and zero calories.

    How to Use Hibiscus Flower

    To use this tasty cranberry-like flavored flower, you simply infuse it in your favorite beverage or dish by using a tea bag or similar tool to extract its wonderful flavor and aroma. You can also use the same method to make a marinade as this flower contains tannins that can help tenderize beef and lamb while adding a distinct flavor to the recipe.

    High-Quality Hibiscus in Bulk

    Perhaps you are now excited to use this healthy and popular ingredient in your next recipe and are now needing to buy top-quality organic dried hibiscus flower in bulk. When you do, make sure to purchase this certified organic and Non GMO dried hibiscus flower in bulk so you will never run out of this amazing ingredient.

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    Ingredients: Organic Dried Hibiscus Flower
    Storage: Room or Cool Temperature, Dry Place
    Drying method: Naturally Sun Dried
    Country of Origin: Egypt