Organic Black Pepper Powder

  • Organic black pepper in bulk
Organic black pepper in bulk Organic Black Pepper Powder

Organic Black Pepper Powder


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  • Introduction of our organic black pepper powder

    Along with salt, black pepper powder is arguably the most essential ingredient in your food pantry. In small amounts, it adds just a hint of taste, taking a back seat to more dominant flavors. When used generously, it offers a powerful kick.

    Black pepper hails from the pepper plant, a winding, flowering vine that produces whole peppercorns. When unripe peppercorns are dried, crushed and finely ground, the result is black pepper powder. The hot, spicy taste that we associate with pepper can be traced to piperine, a chemical compound found in the inner and outer parts of the peppercorn.

    When you add black pepper to a large pot of soup or sprinkle it on a poached egg, that small amount of pepper adds just a hint of flavor. In these small amounts, pepper enhances natural food flavors without overwhelming them.

    Ideas on using the black pepper powder

    Want more spice in your life? Prepare black crusted salmon by coating salmon fillets with pepper before cooking. Sprinkle pepper on fresh cut fruit, or add it to a cup of tea. The possibilities for this pungent spice are endless.

    In bulk makes good sense

    Whether you're a seasoned cook or just enjoy a fresh salad, buying organic pepper in bulk makes good sense. When stored properly, pepper can maintain its full flavor for several years. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry cabinet away from direct heat and sunlight. To check for potency, rub a small amount between your fingers. If the aroma seems weak and the flavor dull, replace your supply.

    More Information: Organic Black Pepper Powder

    Ingredients: Organic Black Pepper Powder
    Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
    Method: Freshly Grounded
    Country of Origin: Sri Lanka