Organic Cloves Powder

  • Organic Cloves Powder
Organic Cloves Powder Organic Cloves Powder

Organic Cloves Powder


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  • Organic Cloves Powder: Not Just For Food And Drinks

    Cloves offer a wide range of both nutritional value as well as health benefits. Packed with vital nutrients and antioxidant properties, this organic spice can help alleviate several symptoms associated with various conditions. Diabetes, cancer, and obesity are only to mention a few conditions that can be managed just by eating or consuming cloves. Cloves are also used in treating oral health conditions such as gingivitis.

    How to use Organic Clove Powder

    One of the easiest ways to start using cloves in your recipes, so you can also start benefitting from its nutrients, is by using grounded cloves. Grounded cloves can be used in a variety of recipes. You can use grounded cloves to make clove and cinnamon tea. You simply brew a cup of your favorite tea leaves and add a dash of grounded cloves and cinnamon. Voila! Nothing says soothing, warm, and cozy than this tea recipe using cloves.

    You can also use grounded cloves for toothaches and pains. Take a teaspoon of grounded cloves and apply it directly to your gums. You will find that the grounded cloves will help control the pain, offering you relief.

    Natural Top Quality Cloves Powder

    Now that you know that cloves can be used in a variety of ways, you may want to purchase freshly gropunded organic cloves powder in bulk. I don't blame you, especially learning about using it to relieve pain. Purchase these certified organic and non GMO grounded cloves today to ensure you are using top-quality natural cloves.

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      Ingredients: Organic Cloves Powder
      Storage: Room Temperature, Dry Place
      Country of Origin: Indonesia